Wednesday, 22 April 2015

walkies .... WOW !!

quite a long time ago my "wreck this journal" journal started out looking something like this
a little worn around the edges where I'd thrown it down the garden a few times
and very slightly doodled on ...

with page edges covered in words relating to "red white and blue"
which was one of the first challenges I did (I hated doing that to my lovely book!)
and on a very soggy day ...

my sister helped me out with another challenge to take the book for "walkies"
so we tied it up with string and I photographed her pulling the book along
to rough up the edges ... I definitely didn't care then!
she dragged it from my cottage door and down the garden path
down the soggy granite steps and across the lane with grass growing down the middle
and quite a long way up the road to the school
we had a few funny looks and a lovely couple wondered "shouldn't it have legs!"
then we had another idea ...
we tied the journal to the back of her car and she drove up the road while I filmed ...
(click on the arrow ... I hope the little video works ok!)

ha ha ... more funny looks !!

and we had the makings of a rather soggy "wrecked" journal
 "Wreck this Journal" ... wrecking on Wednesday ... WOW ... a project with Karen and Mo
thanks so much for visiting my "mad" project

I don't know if you ever look at your blog stats ... I rarely ever do
but yesterday I had to laugh when I took the first "peek" at them in years
I looked to see what google searches take people to my blog
and one of them was "mad textile artist" ... so I guess that just sums me up!

bye for now!!



Sorry the video isn't working properly ... I will try to work on it!! Thanks for visiting my "mad" blog xx

missy k said...

Being mad probably (but not certainly!) keeps you sane :)

Love what you got up to this week.... I'm getting up my courage to leave a page in a neighbours garden!!!!

and I must get my 'composted' page out of the freezer!!!

Karen x

TwinkleToes2day said...

Hahaha - this made me chuckle!! I have yet to do anything that mad with my book. I thought of leaving it out overnight, but the thought of finding and spiders or louse or other gross beasties in it, stops me from doing that. I would pay to have seen the looks on peoples faces as the book was taken for walkies, lol. Class!! Maybe Wee Man would do something like that for me.....hehe (I know, I'm a coward)
Off to see what Karen's been upto. her comment sounds intriguing xoxox

Magpie's Mumblings said...

'Mad textile artist'? Well, I suppose there are a lot worse things to be known as!! Mind you, tying a book to the back of a car just might fall under that particular umbrella. How I would have LOVED to have been there and seen the looks on people's faces!!!

Evelyn said...

This has put a smile on my face this morning, I remember that bemused old couple wondering what on earth we were doing... haha!

Lynette (NZ) said...

I love tuning in and seeing what you are up to next. This one definitely made me giggle. Have a great week :-)

Debrina said...

Ha ha. What fun! But what do the Beetles think about being dragged along the road behind a car!