Wednesday, 8 April 2015

wrap this page and eat coloured candy ... WOW !!

one day last week I opened my very soggy erosion bundle
which had been at the bottom of the garden since 1st January
after popping on a pair of latex gloves I set about
carefully peeling apart the layers of fabric and paper
there were no insects inside at all, I'm pleased to report
and only a couple of little centipede thingies which were on the outside
(most probably from the bottom of the orange box)
I was pleased with the vintage images ...

these are photocopies ... not originals
which I printed onto copier paper so that the inks ran
for an interesting look with the rust and adhered sewing papers

I think these will look great waxed or in encaustic art work
the wax will bring out the soft tones and make the images translucent

quite a few nice ones to play with ... 

after peeling apart all the layers ...
I spread the papers all around to dry out naturally

some papers stuck together in a manner that I loved so much
I carefully dried them like this
this red dye came from a cellophane sweet wrapper
the St. Johns Wort berries and stems were still intact and interesting
so I dried them and put them to one side
the outer cotton fabrics and other fabric/textile pieces I popped inside
were rinsed off under the cold tap and then put through my washing machine
I left them on radiators to dry off over night
(some of them may need ironing ... other bits are more interesting scrunched)
so all in all ... I have a nice pile of stuff for collage with next to no effort!

now back to my WOW journal ...

I wrapped something with this page ... like this ...

it was a fluffy ball of paper ... another page from the journal
which has been through my washing machine in the pocket of a pair of jeans

tied with blue cotton ...

I punched a couple of little holes so that when the book is finished
I can tie the little parcel inside the book ... but for now that would make it unmanageable

I have also eaten some colourful sweets and licked the page ... more yuk!!

can you guess what they are?
{blueberry bon bons}
on this page I've applied texture paste and worked into it with acrylics
in shimmering interference pearl
and copper umber and paynes grey
and ... hopefully that's all with the food related challenges in this journal now
thank you for your interest in my journal project
it's just a little light hearted distraction every Wednesday
as I'm so busy with my textile work for my upcoming shows in the autumn
many thanks always ♥
"Wreck this Journal" ... a project with Karen and Mo


Pom Pom said...

Hi Carolyn! Wow! Thank you for sharing the reveal of the erosion bundle! It's amazing!

Fuzzie Fingers said...

More yucky and lovely stuff.
Those photos in your erosion bundle turned out beautifully. I can't wait to see what projects you use them for.

Corrine at said...

The photos are like some long ago dreamscape, marvelous. xox

TwinkleToes2day said...

What fantastic results you had from your erosion bundle Carolyn. The pink from the sweetie wrapper is lush!!
I think you are very brave following the 'eat something and lick the page' prompts. I haven't brought myself to do any of that yet, lol. I can't get the words, germs, bacteria and mold, out of my head, lol.
On loggin on this morning I was gutted to find out my scheduled post for my book hadn't loaded at all! I'm blaming blogger but it was probably my own doing, lol.
AND, can you believe this?! One of my prompts is to get people to make marks on the page, and I completely forgot!! I was in a room with six crafters and two husbands and forgot! Talk about gutted when i realised later on..... So I'm still left with just the four that the people in my home made **sigh** haha. Ach well, there's time enough yet. Right, I shall catch you up later. Love and Hugs, Mo xoxo

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Bon bon licking - yewwww. Definitely liberating I guess, but not fun to contemplate doing. I'm enthralled with the erosion bundle results - everything looks so intriguing - can't wait to see what you do next with them.