Wednesday, 1 April 2015

wreck this journal goes to London ... WOW !!

yes ... I'm very naughty !
I bunked off on holiday and I've missed two weeks of journal !
wreck this journal went to London ...

here ... my hubby kindly helped me pose my journal with some iconic landmarks
Big Ben and the London Eye ... while on our river trip

Big Ben and Parliament

the London Eye

the book is now bulging with collaged pages
and I managed to glue in all my souvenirs while I was away

we had the most wonderful time running round Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Chinatown,
Strand, Whitehall, the Embankment and a trip on the river up to Tower Bridge.
We went to Trafalgar Square, Admiralty Arch and to see the exhibition
of Lord Snowdon's photography at The National Portrait Gallery.

following on from my last post, I was particularly interested to see Lord Snowdon's portrait
of Barbara Hepworth at work in her studio and also that of Dame Maggie Smith reading a script
and rehearsing for a part.  I asked Mr. Love Stitching Red if he recognised her from one of our
most favourite TV programmes ... and he was very surprised when I told him who she was !!

the future Dowager Countess of Grantham in Downton Abbey

we went for drinks in one of the oldest pubs in London ... the Salisbury
had dinner at Antonio Carluccio's place in Covent Garden
and went to see Suite Francaise at The Empire Leicester Square.  We also went to see
Sunny Afternoon ... the story of The Kinks at The Harold Pinter Theatre
and had a lovely Chinese meal in Chinatown ... it was all wonderful ...
I've been to London loads of times and seen most of the "sights"
but this time it was nice to be staying in the real heart of London
at Covent Garden in St. Martin's Lane and be so close to everything ...
horse guards
the Tower of London
 yes ... for just a few days we swapped seagulls for pigeons ...

the waterfalls at Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square
Tower Bridge
and while I was running around on the tube ... I drew "lines while in motion"
(and nobody batted an eyelid !)
underground posters ... waiting for the tube
this is the page before doodling ...

 (but I forgot to take a photo of the page after doodling ... will add it here tomorrow!)

anyway ... just before I went away I "composted this page"

I dipped the page in wax, before scrunching it up ...

and placed it in a most interesting box that I found at the bottom of the garden
it was an old fashioned orange box lined with assorted papers
they've obviously been there a long while ... and were very soggy ...
there were some amazing colours at the bottom of the box
I hope I can salvage some scraps to use in collage
underneath the blue fragments ... there were more surprises
what with the spores, fungi and insects
I am hopeful that even the waxed page will become interesting
and I also placed my erosion bundle in the box on top of the waxed page
to see out the last few weeks of March
and two weeks later ... today is the official day for opening of the bundle
but I didn't get chance to open it as I've been out all day today
so I'm really looking forward to doing that tomorrow
but I did just take a peep ...
and I'm wondering about your bundles too!
please let me know if you are opening your bundles so that I can come and see!!

"Wreck this Journal" ... a project with Karen and Mo


Fuzzie Fingers said...

Eeewww! I hope you had your rubber gloves on when handling that compost heap. Lovely colours but very yucky! LOL. Your journal is looking very fat and interesting. You have managed to pack loads into it just like your trip to London. Sounds like you had a great time.

Erica said...

I am postponing opening my erosion bundles (one is buried in the garden, the other is hanging off a tree). It has been such a dry summer here that I fear not much may have happened. I am going to Lawrence in Otago for the school holidays to catch up with family and will open them soon after I get home. Looking forward to seeing what others have ended up with!

Lynn Holland said...

What a lovely read and what a fat journal. Wish I could see it for real.
I will be seeing Mo's though this weekend as she is coming to stay for a few days. I'm very excited xxx

missy k said...

What a wonderful trip Carolyn.... you managed to fit so much in!!! You must have great stamina ;)

Your journal is looking and has been very well travelled! Love all the bits poking out of it :)

Dame Maggie Smith! Great photograph!

I think she is my favourite character in Downton. I visited the house where it is filmed with my BF.... its lovely.

I was out yesterday so haven't braved opening my erosion bundles. I will do it over Easter .... very excited about it though :)

What an interesting box to have at the bottom of your garden!!!! Gosh that blue colour is amazing!!!! I can almost smell it from here;) That lovely, damp earthy smell....

Not so keen on the spores!!!! They look like little ant eggs....

I really enjoyed your post Carolyn.... I'll be back for another look later- hard to take it all in with just one look!!!!

Hope you and Mr Love Stitching Red (!) - that made me smile.... have a wonderful Easter.

Karen xxxxx

Corrine at said...

Love love your London tour, and of course Maggie Smith, she's so fantastic..Bundles, oops, got to open mine too. Welcome back. xox

Indianna said...

Wow ... I feel tired just reading all what the pair of you have been upto. Love seeing you journal and how imaginative it is.

Julie said...

You have captured some very interesting angles in your trip around London. I've never seen that figure in Trafalgar Square before so thank you for showing it. Your journal is looking very interesting. Can I ask what glue you use to stick things in? I'm never sure what to use and vary between matt medium, pva and pritt stick. I've brought one of my erosion bundles in from the garden but I've been too busy to open it up today. I'll try and get to it over the weekend.

Happy Easter to you and Mr Loves Stitching Red xx♥xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

'Wreck' has become a traveler too! Beautiful city as I remember it. I've been there (twice) many years ago. Would love to go back someday but I don't think it will happen now. Nice to re-live it through your photos.

TwinkleToes2day said...

What an excellent post Carolyn!! I love how your book is coming along, so fat and juicy with interesting things. Your trip to London looks and sounds like a real exploration. Wee Man & I are going in July for his birthday. But we have just come back from Lynn's it was all so wonderful to meet her, some of her friends and Anne Redfern too. :-D
Off to see what else you've been doing in my absence then to see what Karen did in her Wreck book. xxx