Wednesday, 27 May 2015

catching up with WOW!!

I still love RED ... certain tones of RED and ...
I'm still loving my journal project very much ... it means a lot to me on a personal level
it's full of memories of my London trips for one thing and it's been a joy to work in it
experimenting mainly with collage ideas incorporating mementos from London
(time with my hubby) and other snippets from my little world and daily life in Cornwall
I'm trying to work in the journal as "freely" as I can and "lighten up"
the thing is that the more I work in the journal the more I value it ...
so some of the commands have been difficult and I've put my foot down here and there
on the other hand ... it's has been a real learning curve ... with pleasing results
the past week I've been going through the book working into pages I've already shared
until I feel they are "finished" ... you can see these if you come to my show in November
meanwhile ... "wreck this journal" went in the shower ...

the most that happened was that the pages went soggy and crinkly
but because of the paper in the journal it just flattened out again when dry
so I was a bit disappointed with that ... but I ticked the box at least
I dripped paint on the wet page and closed the book ...
sing ... the badge came from Kirsty Elson
apart from working on earlier pages (and all the other stuff I do online) 
the only other thing I had time for was a quick collage using snippets from my erosion bundle

the photo is of my sister and I

gluing the snippets down then working paint around them

then over dyeing and printing with texture paste and working in more paint
till the collage was quite grungy and ready for cutting up into smaller pieces

and working on earlier Beatles pages inspired two digital collages
I had such a lot of fun with these ...

(the image in my last post) and this one below (inspired by journal golf) ...
I've got such a lot going on at the moment ... huge messy building work at home
and working very hard with my art and textiles for my etsy shop and local galleries
festival of quilts and my two exhibitions later in the year

I'm very pleased to announce my etsy shop will open again on Monday 1st June
and on a fun note I'm looking forward to Lawendula's paper swap project
I heard that the uplift box is on it's way to me in the UK via Germany and France
and then from the UK it will travel to USA, Canada and ZA
very exciting!

thank you for reading and following along with WOW

"wreck this journal" with Karen and Mo


Corrine at said...

Yummy wrecking in red! xox

Diane Kelsey said...

I would be too scared to place my journal in the shower x

TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh my, I would be terrified of putting my journal in the shower. I still haven't taken it for a walk - but only cos I keep forgetting, lol. The shower page is very cool, but I love the collage made up of all the bitties and the the red bits and the glue and stamps and the paste and paint. Awesome!
Do continue sharing bits that you are prepping for your exhibitions won't you? It's so fun to see; even your snippets are very inspiring.
Looking forward to hearing about the paper swap, it sounds very global and intriguing.
Hope you are getting plenty rest amidst all the comings and goings and working and creating.
Love n hugs
Mo xoxo

Lynn Holland said...

It's so nice to see you back in full flow Carolyn. Your journal is fantastic and I'm enjoying seeing the progress of it all.
As for me no crafting going on as I seem to have veered off into vintage and charity shop clothing, with special interest in 1950's/60's.
I am putting a book together though of all my finds and I have a Facebook page "A Vintage Habit" so I am still creating just in a different way.
Funny enough I picked up a postcard while we were in Liverpool this week. It's of Paul McCartney on Albert Dock with some fans.
Have a good week Carolyn and hope the building work goes okay xxx

missy k said...

Very brave of you to put your journal in the shower and without a shower cap!!!!

Loved seeing all your pages...... all your collage bits and bobs and the yummy use of texture paste ....

It always inspires me to see what you and Mo get up too :)

Hope all goes well with the building works....

Karen x

kerosene said...

Love that you are posting again;
I have been following along quietly.
My son was given this journal years ago;
I'm thinking of going for it too!

All the best! ~ k

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi Carolyn, I am so excited to share this with my 10 year old as she just got a wreck this journal a couple of weeks ago and she loves it! She has been doing all the suggested wrecks but wants to get another one to make pretty and be a bit more creative with. I'm sure this will really inspire her :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Well, that does it for me - I could not EVER take a book into the shower with me. Especially not one that was filled with art I had spent so much precious time creating. You are a stronger woman than I, that's for sure!!

Hastypearl said...

Busybusysbusy! So much creation:) Laura