Wednesday, 6 May 2015

style that rocks ... WOW !!

this week I'm sharing that I mailed the journal to myself

"tape this journal closed and mail it to yourself"

I did this ... wrapped masking tape all around it and sent it back to myself at my cottage

it came back next day ... but obviously I have covered over my address with that lovely little flowery snippet and also covered over the original stamp with a lovely one of Eric Morcambe ...
this was actually some time ago before the book was bulging like it is now
yes, that is Paul McCartney's head popping out of the book
he sticks out a little more than the other Beatles for some reason (my fave Beatle!)
they are waxy pop outs ... the toppermost of the poppermost!
the Beatles are in my wreck this journal
because I went to see "Let It Be" in London in February 2013
I collaged the real Beatles heads onto the Let It Be programme
and this prompt is about getting messy ...
"make a mess ... clean it up"
so I "splodged" paint on one side and closed the journal to "share" the paint
and that's another little waxed Beatles collage
you can see John's popping out a bit more now ...
and the date "Monday 23 March 2015" refers to something else ...
the night I went to see The Kinks "Sunny Afternoon" at Leicester Square
"they seek him here ... they seek him there ...
in Regent Street and Leicester Square ..."

and now I'm playing ...
(the Beatles on a stripey zebra crossing which is actually a colourful Carluccio's menu)
"style that rocks"
 and this is a fun little waxy red white and blue collage that I made
I call it "style that rocks"
and now I am off to see what my wrecking and anti journal friends have been up to this week
thank you for visiting my whimsical weekly Wednesday project
"Wreck this Journal" ... wrecking on Wednesday ... WOW ... a project with Karen and Mo


Fuzzie Fingers said...

I wonder what the workers at the postal service thought of that. I bet they don't see mail like that every day.

Lynn Holland said...

You can't beat a bit of snail mail even if it is from yourself. I think I might try it especially when I'm giving myself a good telling off. Could be good therapy.
I've really enjoyed your book Carolyn. It must be wonderful for you to pick up and spend time remembering happy days.
Off to see the The Kinks show in August for my 60th. I'm very excited xxx

missy k said...

Lovely work Carolyn.... and lots of happy memories.

I only shared one page this week... and a very minimal one at that!!!!

Did you send your journal recorded delivery? .... I think I will..... I'd be so worried it would go missing...

Hope you are having some lovely sunshine .... we are today but it has been so cold :(

Karen x

TwinkleToes2day said...

Sorry for the late visit, I have been plagued by migraines this week :(
I love the idea of posting the journal, I hope it's not too chunky to stay taped. I would do it recorded delivery, just in-case (thanks Karen, I wouldn't have thought of that, lol)
I'm not a fan of the Beatles music but I like them individually, as people and I DO like what you have done with the images. How cool you got to see the Kinks show, and Lynn is going in August :D
Hoping your hand is further on the mend and you're still being careful {{Hugs}} xoxo

El Desván de la Gata Perezosa said...

I love your precious photographs blog.saludos from Spain

El Desván de la Gata Perezosa said...

I love your precious photographs blog.saludos from Spain

Magpie's Mumblings said...

How I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to hear the comments from the posties!!

Yvonne Moxon said...

Fabulous Carolyn! Im missing so much in blog land these days :/ I really must get out my sketchbook more I used to be so busy with them in earlier days!