Wednesday, 8 July 2015

uplifting and fun ... WOW !!

Wednesday comes around again and brings more pages from WOW !!
(Wreck On Wednesday)
and the opportunity to collage more pages with red, white and blue

really ... an opportunity to fill "wreck this journal" with things that make me happy
like waxing these little collages and using Tunnocks wrappers

collecting pages about interiors, patterns and designs

and being pleased that my collection of stamps came in handy ...

I don't actually "collect" any more but still have my old collection pre-1980s
and my Dad's precious childhood collection of British and Commonwealth stamps
there are some gorgeous old stamps in there ...
I used a few duplicates here

"collect the stamps off of all your mail"

older and more contemporary stamps ... all in red ... of course!

after all those stamps ... a post box is needed
I added one of Ann Winder-Boyle's cards to my journal
and gave the vintage little girl a crown of silver stars
the card is stuck on a page "trace round the things in your bag"
but I'll share that another time
on the opposite page I've collaged with a Rialto programme
I've given "Mary Astor" a ric rac and feather tiara
and "Beau Bridges" a paper crown in glacier white
from now on I'm giving "everyone" in my journal a crown
(well ... either a crown, tiara or headwear of some kind)
this week ... on Monday the uplift box reached me ... a project organised by Lawendula
so far it has been to four bloggers in Germany and one in France
then to me ... and I have to send it to Scotland
from whence it will travel to America, Canada and South Africa 
Lawendula's lovely idea ... to take up to 15 paper items from the box
and replace with 15 of my own and then to use the selected papers to create a postcard
then send the postcard to someone who needs "uplifting"
so far I have selected the papers and replaced and got the box ready to send to Scotland
I will share the postcard when I've made it
and will send the postcard to someone I think will really appreciate it
there were some lovely things in the box
it's so nice to be able to add to my paper stash from Germany and France
thank you to everyone taking part and to Lawendula for organising the uplift box

and ...
thank you too for reading and following along with WOW
and for all very kind comments and messages

now I am just going to pop over and see how Karen and Mo are getting on with their journals

"wreck this journal" with Karen and Mo


TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh I do so love your red and white pages! I love the waxed collages. You have a fab collection of stamps, (how the prices have changed huh?!). Not many people use real stamps anymore and so they're harder to collect. I've seen a lot of art made with stamps and want to have a go one day. Your wee post box image is so-o cute and I like the idea of giving all your characters a crown of some kind. It's nice to feel like a Queen/King on occasion ;) The uplift box is such a lovely concept, how clever of your friend to create it and I look forward to seeing your postcard when you share. Love n Hugs for now, Mo xoxox

Fuzzie Fingers said...

More amazing pages. Your collection of stamps must be very big with all those red stamps. I love the effect the wax gives and the idea of giving your characters a crown or a tiara. Crowns have been featuring in my artwork lately too.
I love the idea of the uplift box and whoever receives your postcard could not help but be uplifted by it.

Corrine at said...

Yum, yum and look at all those red stamps. xox

Lynn Holland said...

Stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp love Love Love love love

Red letter day how wonderful. Your book is a real treat Carolyn
Love Lynn xxx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

All those red stamps - love that! Nowadays it's so rare to get stamps on anything so it would take forever to collect those. Sometimes I ask for 'real' stamps when I am mailing something at the post office and I usually get met with an evil eye because it's so much easier for them to just print a label.

missy k said...

I love it all.... especially all those stamps!!!

I think you should have a little crafting crown to wear whenever you are creating and in the zone! :)

Karen x

Caterina Giglio said...

beautiful and fun... love your red.. xoxo

missy k said...

Hi again Carolyn

Wonderful latest pages Carolyn .... is it just me but I can't seem to leave a comment on your latest post.... which I love.

Apologies for being out of the WOW loop lately. I think I picked all the best(easiest!!!) pages early on and now I feel like I have 'peaked' and only have the ones to do that don't appeal!!!

I will however get my finger out and '(wo)man up' and do some soon!

Barry is on holiday this week - but on the other hand the football season has started - so should be able to get up into my crafting hq a bit more!!!!

Hope all is well with you in your beautiful Mousehole :)

Lots of love

Karen xxxx

Sierra Sue said...

I just found you! Lucky ME !
I had an extremely hard time getting my eyes past the most wonderful tea cozy ! What a wonderful thing!
I may be "across the pond" but I have worked very hard to amass my own "Queen" collections. A truly great lady!
May she reign for many more years.

Sierra Sue said...

What a wonderful collection, BUT, I admit not being able to focus much past the wonderful tea cozy !
I am from "across the pond" but have worked hard to amass my own "Queen" collection.
Long may she reign!!