Wednesday, 1 July 2015

wreck this journal ... WOW !!

so sorry ... I've been rather WRECK-LESS recently
or rather I did do some "wrecking" the other week but have been too busy to blog the pages
it's taken me a while to work out where I got to

but here goes!

continuing on with my red white and blue London themed journal

(out of sequence)

a collaged page of red white and blue
 glue a random page from a newspaper here

I don't read newspapers so used this cheerful page from an old magazine instead
three cheers

hide a secret message somewhere in this book
(I had help with this one from my niece's children)

inside the envelope are drawings by Elisse and Tom
in my red white and blue theme

Elisse drew a lovely red white and blue flag and Tommy drew a red strawberry
and they both signed the back of their work with their name and the date
(so it will be very nice to open the envelope and look back on these one day in the future)

Elisse and Tom both loved the idea of wreck this journal and now have journals of their own
I hope you two are having so much fun "wrecking" your books!

thank you for your lovely drawings Elisse and Tom ♥

drip something here ... I dripped paint and nail varnish

close the book and make a print

LOVE the print

 you can also see a red white and blue mosaic on the page
I had fun collating this from cut snippets from magazines

a ripped half page and another London collage

arrows coming through from the previous page
showing through an image I waxed

 the image is of a street in Battersea, London
in the days of trams and horses and carts

I love using wax in my work ... it gives a lovely "aged" translucence
and I stuck it in with tiny slivers of washi tape

my hubby is a London boy ... he told me he remembers the tram lines
in Battersea and Wandsworth and Clapham Junction

rub here with dirt

I rubbed the page with garden soil and then collaged with London stuff
using Portobello Road papers, stamps and envelopes

colouring the page with dirt inspired a rough landscape
of painted branches and layers of earth

with hand dyed silk, stitches and magical words from "the secret garden"

that's it this week!  I think I'm back on track again
I've been through the journal and made a note of missed pages
next week is organised already ... so I hope to get back in a rhythm of posting again

thank you for reading and following along with WOW

"wreck this journal" with Karen and Mo


TwinkleToes2day said...

Such exciting pages with so much to look at and enjoy. I love the wee pictures from Elisse and Tom, they are very cute. I love that they have given the pictures wee faces.
The drippage print is quite dramatic and I love that collage. Your whole red, white and blue theme has given me an idea to do a book with Wee man, even if it would be mostly blue, lol.
The wax on your page is wonderful. I love the photo you waxed for my anniversary heart. I must look up how to do it. The feel of it is wonderful. We are going to the transport museum during our trip. The actual bus museum is too far out of central London for me to risk getting us lost, but the transport one looks fabulous on their website and has buses anyway.
Your dirt inspired tree page is fantastic, the dirt layers are incredible, it looks so real. Note to self: get out into the garden and grab some dirt. Lol.
{{Hugs}} xox

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've missed seeing this project! So glad you have found time to play with it again and share your play with us. Every time I see a post I want to run right out and buy that journal and then I come to an abrupt halt when I remember how adverse I am to even so much as making a little mark in a book. That was drummed into me from childhood - that books are precious things - and now I'm traumatized. Never mind - it's fun watching you work!

Fuzzie Fingers said...

You are so clever managing to stick to the prompts whilst staying true to your London theme. I love the photo of those 'crusty' pages.